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  • I have been attempting to set up two users on the same mesh folder and give them access to the same three devices via the device ring.

    - First I set up all three computers and created a mesh folder.  Mesh device ring shows all three computers and the mesh folder for this user on all three devices.

    - Second I sent an invite for the folder to the second user.  Second user accepted the invite and can reach the mesh folder from any device.

    - Now what I would like to do is set the second user up with the same devices in their mesh ring.  Currently it shows blank for this user.  When I attempt to "add device", I am told that mesh is already installed on this device.  However, only the user that initially set up the remote desktop can see these devices.

    How can I set it up so that both users can have access to the entire device ring in addition to the mesh folder that they are sharing?

    Friday, March 6, 2009 10:05 PM


  • Hi David,

    There is currently no way to share devices across users without installing Live Mesh twice on the same computer, under different users. So the process would be:

    On Computer 1, user A installs Live Mesh and adds Computer 1, log out and then back in as user B (also an administrator account) and reinstall Live Mesh.

    Both users should now see the device in their ring. Note that you shouldn't have two copies of Live Mesh running at the same time (say, via "fast user switching") synchronising the same physical folders (rather if both of you are sharing folder A, and Live Mesh must be open at the same time, user A should sync folder A separately to user B).

    Did I make that confusing enough? I hope it's somewhat clear, and that I'm getting at what you're looking for!

    Saturday, March 7, 2009 12:38 PM