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  • Recently I asked the following question:

    "I recently set up a new live account so I could send email from my mobile phone. I am using a non-live address for this sign in. I would like to use the new live account instead of this one, but I don't want to lose my threads and points. Is there any way to either link the two accounts or assign my profile to a different live account? "

    Mike Walsh moved my post to Offtopic and responded:

    "This forum is for feedback for the *forum software*

    Questions on live accounts don't seem relevant to that so I'm moving this to Off-Topic posts.

    Please try to find a more suitable forum."

    This is incorrect. This question is directly in reference to the forum software because it uses the live account for logging in. I need to know if/how to link or move to a different account in the forum software so I don't have to keep switching my live logins for every microsoft site I go to. If this isn't possible with the forum software, I would like to make a suggestion that the feature be added.

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