Downloading Connector SW RRS feed

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  • Hello all,

    I must say that things really were easier for me with v1. It may come from the fact that I entered the scene after PP3 and that all childhood deseases were done with.

    Server installation went without issues, it was only when I started installing the connector it all started. I have been through practically every tweak in the WHS 2011 fora and have reached as far when SW starts downloading. After about 10 minutes the installer informs me that it has problems - which I understood 10 minutes before - and no more as to what may have caused it. The server freezes.

    I had hoped someone could give me direction how to move forward from here, although I am gettong hesitant going into what appears to very immature software. It took v1 a year to become usable?

    PC (Win7 64-bit) and Server see and talk to each other. I can RDC and run the "server" console - and an entry has been made for the PC.

    V1 really serves my purpose. Perhaps the old "if it ain't break don't fix it" applies here. I just thouht a modern platform would make things easier - and that the inevitable would occur. So I thougt better sooner rather than later. The opposite is perhaps true in this case.


    I didn't realize that the previous post was exactly the same theme as mine - apart from different OS platfoms on the PC. But at the same time it might be interesting that what may seem to be an XP issue only also happens on Win 7.
    Sunday, July 3, 2011 5:06 PM