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    -WDS- Disk failures only happen to those who fail to backup.

    This forum is for issues related to MSDN forum not about individual interest. First of all, your thread had 90 views and 0 reply which means that, your question may be difficult  to understand, it has nothing to do with the forum or any other reasons but ttry to bump it again





    Thursday, March 24, 2011 6:04 PM
  • Considering that you only posted the thread you are complaining about receiving no reply to ONLY two days before you posted this question here, it's a bit much to complain that haven't had a reply to it.

    All the forums have volunteers answering posts in their own time and sometimes a question is either not interesting; isn't seen; isn't understood (as the other person who replied wrote) and so on and so nobody decided that they felt like answering your question at once and instead answered something else.

    As the other poster said you could bump it (Note that in the pre-SP 2010 forums I will delete bump posts that arrive less than three *workdays* after the original post) after waiting a suitable amount of time (see above) and if you do that it is better to give additional information about your problem or re-phrase it in case lack of information or too complicated a post was the reason for you getting no reply. Just writing "bump" doesn't improve things much.






    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links): http://wssv4faq.mindsharp.com/default.aspx
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links) http://wssv3faq.mindsharp.com/default.aspx
    Both also have links to extensive book lists and to (free) on-line chapters
    Friday, March 25, 2011 7:04 PM