Related records not consistantly showing in Views or queries in CRM 2016 online instance RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone. I've been given a client that has an issue with their system.

    A DTS package along with that great package Kingsway Soft. 

    With that we are pushing data in one of the steps of the DTS to a many to many relationship between the Account entity and a custom entity called policies .  There is an N:N relationship between the entities.

    When I came on the project I was informed from those at the client site that this step "Never worked".  We know that is often an in accurate statement.

    Nevertheless here is what I've found.

    • The process uses and upsert to both the account entity and the policies entity.
    • New accounts are being created and updated.
    • New Policies are being created and updated.
    • There is a sub grid in the account form were the account policies that are related to that account are to be displayed based on a very common view of active records
    • As is common practice, the data source config on the sub grid is:
    • Only related records, the policy entity and the active policy view as the default view. and the other views are available.
    • It seems that  in the initial deployment this appears to have worked well. 
    • Within older account records there was policy information with in the sub grid of the account records.
    • Most of those records were created in calendar year of 2016.
    • Starting in 2017 there were fewer Accounts created with policy information associated with them.
    • For the month of December 2017 I ran a query to show all accounts where the primary related policy records primary field contains data. 
    • Out of over 600 account records created only 30 were found to have policy information showing in the sub grid.
    • During that period only 43 policy records were created.
    • Yet a query to show that data connected between the account and policy entities is not showing.
    • Even though I can confirm those thirty account records have associated policy data, it will not show in a query.
    • To add to the issue, policy data does not seem to be updated in a consistent manner. 

    If I create a query between Accounts and Contacts in the same online instance I can display fields in the query from both entities like we have done for a long time.

    I checked the N:N relationship and the N:1 relationship on the account entity.   All seems fine.  

    From this point,  I am wondering if this is a data problem or a process problem and where to look.   There are no errors in the error logs for that step in DTS job. 

    If we query the source, we see policy data that is supposed to be updated or upserted to the CRM instance. 

    I'm looking for next steps to either:

    • Show that the process is doing what is expected as designed or
    • There is an issue that I cannot expose so as to resolve it.

    Any thoughts are helpful.


    Curtis J Spanburgh

    Saturday, October 7, 2017 3:15 AM