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  • I've had a search and can't find the answer to this one. The question is what is the best setup in terms of Dev/Staging/Production environments to support our clients?

    We look after a number of Dynamics CRM installations for different clients, many of whom do their own configuration, by configuration I mean no Javascript or C# stuff, just pure configuration of entities, forms, reports, that kind of thing. Everything through the Dynamics CRM interface, no code at all.

    We need to support their platforms, I need to know what the best setup and process is.

    Is the traditional dev server ---> staging server --> Production Server necessary in this case? I was thinking they could just make configuration changes in their production servers, but is that too risky? I'm in two minds here, part of me thinks it is just configuration and that's presumably what the platform is designed for, but the traditional side of me is cautious.

    Any thoughts?

    Monday, October 7, 2013 9:49 AM

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  • I guess it depends on what kinds of changes they will be making, and how customized the system already is.

    I prefer dev, staging/UAT, and prod servers separate, and all unmanaged, so that any changes go through the normal change control and release process so that changes aren't made which break prod on accident.

    In saying that however, if they're just making the odd small change you could let them do it directly in prod, and just take a DB backup and restore to dev when/if you need to do any serious development again. Still keep dev and staging for any major changes.

    It also depends on whether the customer knows enough about customizing, and more importantly enough about their own system (so they don't remove or change some important functionality).

    It definitely saves time customizing directly in prod, it's just whether they're willing to take that risk.

    Hope that helps


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    Monday, October 7, 2013 10:02 AM