Standard 2007 Communications server limit on Conference group size to 10? RRS feed

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    I rely on Communicator as a network admin to send broadcast messages to end users.. however.. if i try to send to a group that is larger than 10 (we have 35 users or so).. i get errors in the broadcast IM, which is really a conference...


    The errors are similar to "this person took too long to respond" etc..


    I found a setting in Forest.. global properties.. meetings tab.. default policy.. edit.. it had the maximum size set to 10... i tried changing this to say 50.. but i still have issues if the group size is greater than 10..


    Does this setting even work with standard server.. is there some way to fix this.. or is my only option to go with enterprise.. if so.. can standard just be overwritten with enterprise (upgraded)?





    Friday, February 15, 2008 4:02 PM