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  • Let me start by mentioning that I am a developer (notice that I did not say expert).  I have only a basic knowledge of the server side of things because we've always had someone else who took care of setting everything up.  My job was simply to make the applications that interacted with all the background hardware.

    Well, now he is gone and our company is left with a legacy application that was built on an outdated Oracle Lite framework.  Simply put, this application allows the users to replicate data from an Oracle database containing customer information.  They can then take their laptops outside the company and use the data to research customers.  While visiting with the customers they can make notes about the visit which will be replicated back to the main database when the return back to the office.

    Unfortunately, the Oracle Lite framework is outdated.  So, my boss tasked me to find some help in determining a replacement solution.  I did some research on the current Oracle products and the licenses required to use them.  Then I looked into the Sync framework.  When I returned to my boss with the information that I gathered, he told me to contact both Oracle and Microsoft to find people who can explain the products to us so that we can make a decision on which one is the right fit.

    I contacted Oracle and they are supposed to be having a salesman contact us (been 3 days with no contact), but Microsoft said that there was no one I could talk to and I was directed to Developer Center.  I've been doing some reading but my boss is expecting me to have someone he to direct questions to.

    I guess this excessively long discussion is a way to ask if anyone has any suggestions where a simple developer should start?  If we decided to use the Sync Framework, what needs to be done to get us up an running really quick?  As I said, the old application has an Oracle back end.  We do have SQL Server 2008 set up, so we can use that if needed, but we'd like to get the Oracle Lite engine replaced with minimal modifications to the rest of the application (if possible).

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 9:09 PM

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