One forrest, 3 sites, each site is one domain, very slow, high latency interconnection RRS feed

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  • I have a scenario that I don't seem to find in any example or any thread of the forums I was looking the last two days. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


    Our setup:

    We have one Forest, containing 3 domains. One domain is a land based Office with about 250 users. The forest servers are located here. The other two domains are installed on ships (one domain per ship) with about 160 users per ship. The ships are connected with the land based office over a very slow and high latency (700ms to 1500ms) satellite uplink. There is NO direct ship to ship link; routing is done in the land based office. The scenario must be scalable to add more domains/ ships in the future. We only want to deploy IM functionality for the whole forest (internal) and external users. Important is to reduce the load on the uplink to the absolute minimum. So communication inside the domain/ ship should remain local.


    What topology?

    The Planning guide recommends a server in each site. Does that work within the same forest, but different domains. Is that a multiple pool setup? If I roll out Enterprise in the office can I roll out standard on the ships?


    Many thanks in advance:



    Tuesday, November 27, 2007 4:43 PM