Inline frames rendering a different inline frame then code requests RRS feed

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  • I have a website.  This lists around 60 homes.  On the home page each house is displayed in an inline frame. All appears to be working fine.  However, on occassion, one or more of the spots show a different house than the inlineframe asked for.

    This seems to be random as to when the error occurs. Also the location varies.  The last error was in spot 54 where it showed the house in spot 56.  I believe spot 56 also showed the correct inline frame.  Previouly I noted a problem around spot 4 where it showed another house which was then repeated in its correct spot.

    The page also has inline frames for the header, disclaimer, and footer and these have not failed.

    Am I pushing the inline frame concept too far.  Is it possible the floating Divs are causing a problem.  In the code it goes left float col, right float col. mid col. Is this causing a problem

    I would not like to replace the inline frames with the actual code for each house due to the complexity the page will have if 60 frames of code are added.

    Appreciate any feedback


    Dave Van Thull

    Thursday, August 18, 2011 5:35 PM