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  • I have a WHS Media library containing 5000+ pictures and 4000+ records and some 30 videos. They all show up in LAN access, for example using the media player 11. Using the Remote access I can see those items in shared folders, but the media libraries show 0 entries.

    Everything worked fine some days ago, but then I had to reboot the server and now I got the problem mentiones above. I even had access to the pictures via WM 7 which now also shows 0 items in the media libraries.

    My impression is, that the media streaming is not working correctly using the LAN: the meda player starts showing a video after it is transferred completely over the network. that is not my understanding of streaming, it should fill the clients buffer and keep it filled, so that the client has enough bits of media to act.(?)

    Can anybody give a hint how to get the remote media streaming working again ?

    All clients user W7 SR1 with all patches (64 and 32 bit)



    Friday, July 15, 2011 11:58 AM

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  • I wonder if you copied your media library from a WHS v1 folder? 

    I had a similar  experience  with an 85,000+ music file directory structure I copied over.  All seemed well until (via remote access) the Music library disappeared - upon server restart remote access again gave access for a short while and then disappeared again.  After a third restart the Music library refused to present itself via remote access at all.

    As I still had the source files (on the WHS v1 server) I deleted the contents on the WHS v2011 server and added just small sample set but copied via a workstation using the share servered up by WHS v2011 as the landing point.  -- No problems detected when doing it this way.

    I have chosen to take this problem as an opportunity to go through my music library and only move over music of higher bit rate and to omit junk which was added by a family member no longer in residence.  I have discovered a an oddity which maybe of interest.

    When I copied the files originally I did it at the operating system file level directly from the WHS v1 server (2003) to the WHS v2011 (2008) - Thus I disintermediated any code which maybe in place to manage incoming media.

    However, when copying small parts of the library over I have been using the "Music" shares served by both servers and in copying over I have discovered that WHS v2011 really doesn't like duplicate filenames - I have been getting lots of errors on files (such as artwork.jpg, folder.jpg, front.jpg etc.).  I have been using the copy rename feature.

    I extrapolate that WHS v2011 is managing data copied into the Music share in a different way than was done in WHS v1 – I suspect that the contents of my file level copied WHS v1 Music directory violated the data integrity requirements present for “Music” for  WHS v2011.  I suspect the problems with Remote Access were a result of that loss of integrity.

    I recommend you try something like I did.  Copy a small part of  your library over using a workstation as an intermediary.

    Monday, July 25, 2011 4:44 PM