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  • Ok people...ever since installing your one care program I've had problems.  YOUR PROGRAM HAS HIJACKED MY COMPUTER!!!  I can't navigate the internet at all unless I first disabled the firewall.  I have no control over the firewall through my control panel in Windows XP.  Two weeks ago I had major problems that YOUR PEOPLE screwed up!!  Your people went into my msconfig and totally screwed everything up.  I couldn't reinstall my printer because the printer spool was gone!!  I spent the entire day yesterday working on this and finally discovered that you had left my computer in "selective startup" mode instead of normal mode...i.e.: loading everything!!  I finally fixed this MYSELF.  After doing this, I was FINALLY able to reinstall my printer...go figure!!  But then when I attempted to get online, I couldn't go anywhere!!  I had to disable the firewall before I could navigate the internet.  I WILL BE THE ONE WHO DECIDES WHERE I CAN NAVIGATE ON THE INTERNET, NOT YOU AND YOUR PROGRAM!!!  So now, because I have to disable the firewall in order to get online, I'm at risk BIG TIME.  I WANT THIS FIXED AND WANT IT FIXED NOW!  I WILL DECIDE WHERE I CAN NAVIGATE ON THE INTERNET, NOT YOU AND YOUR PROGRAM!!  I WANT THE FIREWALL ON AND I WANT TOTAL CONTROL OF WHERE I CAN NAVIGATE ON THE INTERNET.  I WILL DECIDE WHAT SITES I CAN GO TO, NOT YOU!  NOW GET THIS STUPID PROBLEM FIXED!!  NOTHING AT ALL IN YOUR HELP ANYWHERE CAN I UNDERSTAND ABOUT HOW TO GET YOUR PROGRAM TO STOP DOING THIS! 
    Monday, June 22, 2009 2:15 PM


  • Please contact support to continue working on this problem. If you have a previous case open and that is the case where additional problems occurred due to changes made by the tech, request that the problem be escalated.
    If you have problems with support, please post the case ID here and I'll ask Microsoft to investigate the case.

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/onecareinstallandactivate/thread/30400b52-7f26-4ba0-bc18-17e305329d90

    Note that the most common reason for having no Internet access with the OneCare firewall enabled is that there is a conflict with other software or a driver on the PC or perhaps an incompatibility with your router or modem.

    Additionally, this forum is not manned by Microsoft staff. It is a community peer to peer forum.


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    Monday, June 22, 2009 2:28 PM