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  • Yep, that;s microsoft for you, if you edit your post a few times to take out misspelled words, you're a spammer.I hope there comes a time that Microsoft will lose it's hegemony on the OS market.

    I'll be migrating to Linux today.

    i've had enough Windows 10 has already cost me 1 year of my life fixing up my OS after each update, and the OS is only 4 years old, if i live for another 30 years that is going to cost me 7 years of my life fixing their bugged OS, enough is enough, i'm fed up with their bad programmers, i make software myself, i never released bugged software, but then again, i don't want as much money as i can, as fast as i can without taking note of my customers wishes and securit and pricay for that matter.

    Wednesday, February 13, 2019 6:27 PM