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  • Wow, this is one of the worst  programs I have ever used.  It is not very intuitive.  I am trying to create a route from Alaska to the lower 48.  I want to be able to choose my route based on time, mileage and accommodations being available.  It is very difficult to change the "end of day".  It does me no good if the route stops after 9 hrs but I am in the middle of no where with no accommodations. Right now I have to select each town and choose "find places". Yes I know I can expand the search up to 50 miles. As well each day gives me accumulative mileage vice mileage for each days travel... how about both features.  Why do I have to do my own math to figure out how far I am traveling each day.  The panes can not be moved or unlocked; consequently, the map is minimal when "directions" and "route planner" are selected.  Why can't I toggle an option to display motels, attractions, stores etc on the map itself and then choose each day's travel based on that rather then time or mileage.  Overall, it is a classic microsoft product... poor with minimal support and little if any updates.  On installation I was forced to install an Access database... I was forced to register in Microsoft live and yet the program still wants me to register it even though I have gone through the process twice. Yes, I have clicked on the numerous registration email links and authentication and yet it still seems incomplete.  Overall, it is a poor poor product. Do not waste your money or time on the this blotted and limited software.
    Saturday, May 14, 2011 7:48 AM

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  • I see that there have been no replies posted to your problem and I hope that you have worked it out.  I was facing a similar problem to the one you described.  I was going from our home in Colorado, up through Thunder Bay, Ontario, over to Niagra Falls, on to Boston and then back home. 

    The problem that you state is that the program will place your end of day at exactly the point you are at when you reach 5:00pm (or the time you specify as your EOD) regardless of where you are.  You can easily open and close the Route Planner pane and the Driving Directions pane simply by clicking the 'X' at the top right of each pane and then clicking on the icon in the task bar at the top.  Zoom in or out and look for points of interest (lodging or restaurants or what ever you need) in the area.  Points of Interest can be managed by clicking on "View" at the top of the page, then click on "show or hide places".  Then you can click or unclick Points of Interest as you need to.  Look for the blue icon that indicates the presence of a hotel/motel then you can click on one that you might want to stop at and re-open the Route Planner pane and add that to your itenerary.  You may need to move it up to get it in the right sequence in your trip, then right click on that in the Route Planner and click on Schedule Stop.  Adjust the arrival time or number of nights you will be staying, click OK and the program will move your End Of Day to that point.  It will then "Warn" you that you missed your normal EOD in the Driving Directions pane...you can ignore that. 

    I have used S&T for many, many trips over the past 10 years or so and have always had really good luck with it.  Hopefully you will too.

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