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  • Alright, so I had vista since the begining. Since I heard of Windows 7, I was happy and glad for the new OS comeing out in October 22 09. So I went to the elegability center to see if I was able to get it for free, the first time, it took me to my cart and said I could get it for 10$. Now today I went there for the second time, and now it says I cant and im not elegible for the upgrade.
    As most Vista users had problems with Vista, ive had all of them listed. Blue screens, errors, bugs, freezes, the works, and now my nabor has them to. My problem is, I cant stand that Microsoft isnt paying attention to the original Vista users who stuck with them through thick and thin. Now since I can barly afford living, with Windows 7 comeing out and no free upgrade, and I have to pay 120$ for the disc. I cant get out of the overheating RAM destroying Windows Vista.

    So all im asking from you Microsoft, and this is my question.
    Cant you just give the originals atlast a discount? The newbies to vista shouldnt get it for free, they havnt tore there hair out like we have. So if you can, give us all a discount, that would be brilliant.

    So yah thats my question, cant Microsoft either down Windows 7 prices or give Windows 7 in a discounted form to all the originals who delt with Vista?

    Zach ( Never has had a Mac or wanted one =) )
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