converting activity history from ACT RRS feed

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  • I have loaded note history from ACT into the ActivityPointerBase table in CRM3.0 as closed items.  I can see them in the activities window, but can't open them.  The application tells me the record is unavailable.


    I have looked at dependencies in the database, and it looks like I need to have corresponding records in the ActivityPartyBase.  My question concerns getting some direction on what fields are required in the ActivityPartyBase records and how they need to be linked (by GUID) to the ActivityPointerBase.


    Is there documentation somewhere that helps with understanding how to convert records from other systems?

    Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:51 PM


  • Dear Cerhorn,


    There is scribe tool use for data migration. You cal also develop your tool for ACT data and import into MS CRM, for that you need CRM SDK to point out whats required.


    First you have to create record and then get ID of that record to link with other one

                        // Create the contact object.
                        contact contact = new contact();

                        // Create the properties of the contact object.
                        contact.firstname = "   ";
                        contact.lastname = fullname.ToString();
                        contact.address1_line1 = "Alnehda.";
                        contact.address1_city = "Dubai";
                        contact.address1_stateorprovince = "MT";
                        contact.address1_postalcode = "99999";
                        contact.donotbulkemail = new CrmBoolean();
                        contact.donotbulkemail.Value = true;

                        Customer pc = new Customer();
                        pc.Value = created.id;
                        pc.type = EntityName.account.ToString();

                       // contact.parentcustomerid = new Customer();
                        contact.parentcustomerid = pc;
                        // Create the contact in Microsoft CRM.
                        Guid contactGuid = service.Create(contact);
                        //// Create the target object for the request.
                        //TargetCreateContact con = new TargetCreateContact();

                        //// Set the properties of the target object.'
                        //con.Contact = contact;

                        //// Create the request object.
                        //CreateRequest concreate = new CreateRequest();

                        //// Set the properties of the request object.'
                        //concreate.Target = con;

                        //// Execute the request.
                        //CreateResponse concreated = (CreateResponse)service.Execute(concreate);


                        // Return whether the entity was created.
                        return (created.id != Guid.Empty);

    such code will help you, I have done similar to import into ms crm from ACT to CRM.













    Friday, January 25, 2008 5:06 AM