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  • Please move to appropriate forum- god knows i couldn't find it in Microsofts typically incompetent menu system

    Just got "Microsoft Privacy Policy Update", in which i read that i could opt-out of "interest-related ads".

    I was pleased by the prospect so happily chased it down.  Got to right page, logged-in, and unchecked the two applicable options.

    Pardon me, i *tried* to click them to off settings.  But i couldn't because they were inert, grayed-out.  When i got past my anger i found it blackly amusing.

    This is either incompetence or masochism.  Either way, Microsh*t has, once again, shot itself in its [and my] foot.  Me, i'm just waiting for Linux to become as [un]usable as Windows... 

    Sunday, June 14, 2015 1:46 PM

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