Failed backup RRS feed

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  • Already posted this in the hardware section because another poster had the same problem...but,

    I swear my computers hate me. My girlfriends pc running Vista backups fine. But as of yesterday I came home to the nice little speech bubble on my pc with the message:

    the backup failed because your computer restarted while backup was running

    So I tried a manual backup, and whilst I was sitting there the same message appeared a second later. I`m running XP SP2. My XP machine has been backing up just fine for the past week.

    Now i'm wondering if this is actually the fault of the WHS machine. If I try to access the shared folder on my XP machine from my g/fs computer it brings up a login box wanting a username and password. Which it never used to do. So i'm thinking my computer is borked in some way. Is it some sort of permissions error?

    Any ideas. I feel like my computer is a Hypochondriac and just HAS to suffer everyone elses computer problems!

    Can anybody point me to a better forum to get this problem sorted out assumuing it's not a WHS issue.

    Thursday, November 1, 2007 10:36 PM