Can't Finish Signing Out of Hotmail, Caught in "Catch 22" RRS feed

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  • When I entered an alternate email address to be used as a verification/notification address for resetting info in my hotmail account by using the link sent to that alternate address, I entered the alternate email address incorrectly, (example: instead of typing baby01girl@......com I typed baby1girl@......com) so any auto messages that Hotmail sends to that address (with links to follow back to Hotmail) are lost.  So, I want to change it to the correct address; but, the system does this be sending a link to the alternate address, which is wrong and I cannot access it.  Hotmail sends the verification email to the non-existent address which obviously cannot be accessed.  So I can't change the address to the correct one without using the link that is being sent to a nonexistent address. There is no way to access the account to change it to the correctly typed address without first using a link which is being lost in cyber-space, because it is going to an incorrectly typed-in address which does not exist.  I can't change any of my info (alternate address, password,etc) because the alternate address is wrong and I can't make it right because the link Hotmail sends goes to that wrong address. I can't add any other alternate address for the same reason.

    Meanwhile, I can't finish signing out of my Hotmail account because that faulty link, which is messing up my whole account and can't be changed because it it faulty! I am going round and round in circles, caught in a "Catch 22". You know, there really ought to be a way around this "entering wrong alternate address concerning links to be sent to user VIA another account" for the user and Hotmail does not provide one.

    Info requested by forums instructions: At the moment, using both Vista and XP on different computers, and Firefox for browser on both. Of course the problem is the same no matter what computer I use,  the problem is with the "Catch 22" in the Hotmail account.

    I have found no answers on the forums concerning this problem.  My only hope is to get some help from someone who is proficient enough in understanding both the language of my post and nature of the problem, unlike the last person who addressed a reply to me from/on these forums.  I need help, not to be shunted off by someone who doesn't even understand what I am talking about.  This is a real-time problem which needs to be addressed  quickly and properly!  I need positive help, not a run-around!


    Saturday, February 12, 2011 6:21 AM