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  • It seems when a project is created the project site "owner" is set to be the person that created the project. If the project owner is changed then site "Owner" is not updated.  This is a problem on several fronts and I am almost hoping it is an issue with my install.(We are running Project permissions mode)

    Use Case 1: A project manager leaves the company and the New PM is added as the new project owner. After addition and publish the site owner remains the same as the original. this means the new pm can't share the site (to a stakeholder who is not in the ERP) by adding them to the general "Contribute" group or otherwise.

    Use Case 2: a planner creates a portfolio project and gets it through the workflow and all. the PM is assigned but can't add other stakeholders without going back to the planner and having them add them to the project site as an owner. 

    Question: Is this a feature or a bug? Is there a script to do this? 

    Seems kind of cumbersome and has already produced numerous issues for us. 



    Tuesday, February 17, 2015 4:54 PM


  • Bob,

    Unfortunately, you are seeing the behavior as designed. The Project Site Owner will always be the person, who created the project site (i.e. Project). This is because, after the initial creation, the only groups that are synced are:

    • <Site Name> Project Managers (Project Web App Synchronized)
    • <Site Name> Team Members (Project Web App Synchronized)
    •  <Site Name> Web Administrators (Project Web App Synchronized)

    The idea here is that, all 'sharing' of the project site will happen via the project schedule/Project Server. Anybody who is part of the Project team, will be given Team member access, and anybody with rights to save that project will be given project manager acess on the Project site,

    This is also good in a way, because, this prevents any license violations, (users who access project sites also should have PWA CAL), that could happen via direct sharing.

    Having said that, you have couple of options:

    1) Make it part of your process that when a owner changes, the admin (or workflow) manually adds the new owner to the Site Owners group.

    2) Disable Project Site Sync, and manage it via the AD Groups (depending upon on your security model).


    Prasanna Adavi, Project MVP

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