Goal Management - Rollup Query Records vs. Participating Records RRS feed

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  • I was hoping somebody could shed some light on exactly how the records returned in  the participating records list works because i'm seeing records that don't belong and I'm worried that it's not calculating properly.

    My goal is setup such that "Roll up only from child goals" = No and "Record Set for Rollup" = All.  Then we have a rollup query for both the actual and in-progress (this is for opportunities).  Both of those queries show the correct list of records that I would expect the goal metric to be applied to.  

    What I expect to happen is that the rollup query for both actual and in-progress would return the full set of data and the participating records would be the subset of records that the goal metric is applied to.  For example if my rollup queries just return all opportunities for a given team (let's say there are 10 total, 7 are open and 3 are won) then I would expect to see those same 3 in the actual participating and 7 in the in-progress participating records.  That isn't what is happening.

    I am seeing all records that match my time period but have nothing to do with my rollup queries.   I'm also seeing duplicates in the in-progress list for the participating records (same GUID) which make no sense to me.  Is this expected behavior?  Thanks

    Thursday, November 21, 2013 5:46 PM