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  • Hello Microsoft. I have to inform you, that you have corrupted build-in Flash Player without possibility for uninstalling from the beginning of Windows 8 OS! Note that your Flash Player does not work for Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10, because of ActiveX problems and this force me and many other users to abandon Windows 8, because we think that this system is still beta. There is no other browsers in the world with this same problem! All other browsers work fine. Here watch this video with comparison between (IE9 in Win7) and (IE10 in Win8):

    Type search in YouTube " ie10 does not work " and you will see the video example with this name "ie10 does not work at all". :)

    Can we get Windows 8 finished and when will done?

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  • My friends ask me what is your answer. Do you find the solution?

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  • We wait for support.

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  • Since your question is directed at the Adobe Flash, you need to ask on Microsoft did not write the flash player.

    This forum is a peer-to-peer forum for help in writing HTML, not for using IE itself. If you want to contact Microsoft directly, visit

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    Saturday, November 10, 2012 2:59 PM
  • I already warned Adobe before and their answer is this:
    I recommend you to go this Microsoft forum and ask your question:

    The ownership of IE10 on Windows 8 including Flash Player plugin is in Microsoft.

    Then from redirect me to MSDN Forums with this:
    I'm not responsible for fixing IE... If there is a certain problem with your site then this is not the place to ask for help. Please go to the MSDN forums.

    And you return me back to Adobe. My first trying was with, but 4 days still not answered even they show me message for one day. Now I see they reply to my email, but I do not understand what they want via phone:

    As I understand it, you have issues with your Windows 8 as it has corrupted Flash Player and you require further assistance. If my interpretation is incorrect, please let me know.

    *****, you have reached the Sales and Marketing Team of Microsoft and to be able to further assist you, please contact our Technical Support Team using the number provided below for your reference: *****************

    This is absurd. There is no explain.

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  • MSDN is for trouble in writing your own web site or software but it does not look like you are talking something you wrote.

    The forum is for IE usage, and this forum is for help in writing IE-specific HTML, of course, you can only publish such HTML to web site you own. The folks at answers there probably misunderstood what you are asking. You need to be specific about the question, as the answer you got from shows the answerer thinks Flash may be working elsewhere and you only want to fix your own web site, but even in that case it is still not a question of writing HTML, it is a question of how to use IE security settings to allow an ActiveX to run on a web site.

    I am pretty sure Microsoft has no idea why Flash is broken (that is, if the problem is not by design like you are running IE in tight security settings) as Microsoft does not have the trade secret of Adobe. All it can do is to reset IE files to factory status. If there is a bug in Flash then only Adobe can fix. 

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    Saturday, November 10, 2012 7:15 PM
  • Hello,

    Thanks for participating in this forum.

    I understand that it is really annoying to be redirected among different forums. Unfortunately, this forum(Internet Explorer Extension Development) is a development forum for issues about building Activities, WebSlices and add-ons for Internet Explorer. I'm sorry it is not the appropriate forum for your issue.

    According to your description, I suggest you raise this issue in That's the forum for Internet Explorer usage problems.

    And this thread will be moved to off-topic. Your understanding will be appreciated.


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