Will the iconic start up sound finally be available again in windows 10 or will i have to get 3rd party stuff again? RRS feed

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  • Back in the day of windows ME, XP,Vista exc. there was one thing i loved about windows, the start up. After learning a thing or two on the good old internet i fiddled around with the start up tone, and would prank friends exc. it was a great experience for me. Changing the computer to a terrified scream from a horror movie to adding my favorite songs. Anyways fast forward to windows 8 and this iconic feature that was the basis of my childhood was removed. As one online tech website put it "windows 8 became more about what Microsoft wants and not about what you want so just deal with it using third party applications" and from there i did. However it just wasn't the same and i am hoping that in the soon to come windows 10 my childhood can be "reinvigorated".

    id appreciate it if someone with inside knowledge could give me a answer to this <3

    Sunday, June 14, 2015 6:08 AM