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  • I'm having a little trouble installing SBS Server 2003 R2.

    First about my environment:

    I have three 2000 Servers.  We just purchased SBS 2003 so we can start an exchange server.

    We migrated our original NT 4.0 Server to 2000 and kept the netbios interoperability.

    On the 2000 servers (and the original NT 4.0 server), we set the doman name to COMPANY

    When me migrated to 2000, we set the active directname to COMPANY.OURDOMAIN.COM

    Here's where we may have screwed up.

    Our servers are computers named after planets.  The original NT 4.0 server that became a 2000 Server is called MERCURY.  We also have a VENUS and MARS.  I wanted the 2003 server to be JUPITER.

    None of the outside world is linked to our active directory.  Frankly, I think I might have hossed that up when I setup it initially.

    In any event, we like to keep what we have and add the SBS server 2003 to our existing domain.  I tried that by adding the computer to the domain, but when I continued setup (after a fresh install of SBS server 2003), setup refused to continue until I swiitched back to join a workgroup.

    Now here's where things get a little intersting.

    ISSUE #1- First off, we want to keep our old NT 4.0 domain name of COMPANY.

    We have 3 2000 servers that are under the old COMPANY domain name.  However, when I setup SBS 2003 and set the domain name to COMPANY it refuses because there is already a domain with the name COMPANY on our network.  This leads me to believe the only way for me to keep it is to reinstall all of the 2000 servers.  Now that sucks, but if that's what we have to do, so be it.   Is there a way around this problem?

    It appears to me that I am going to have reinstall all 2000 servers after I setup the SBS 2003 server.  Is this right?

    Our next problem is a little more annoying and much more pressing.

    ISSUE #2- If I set the domain name to YODA or ANYTHING for that matter on the new SBS 2003 server and continue my quest to setup the SBS 2003 server, the installation HANGS on Active Directory setup.  I've left it there over night and it goes no where.  I then tried it again waiting for a couple of hours.  Still not getting anywhere, the installation won't proceed past the active directory wizard.  If I sut down the setup and start again, I start all over.  HELP!  TIPS, SUGGESTIONS, IDEAS, anything appreciated.  How do I get the setup to continue through the active directory installation?

    Monday, February 25, 2008 7:36 AM