Unablet to open backup as Z: 81% stuck RRS feed

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  • I have the majority of my data on one computer. I noticed after installing PP3 Last week that I saw a couple of backup errors but did not look into it. I had to recover a file today and found when trying to open Drive D: it goes to 81% and WHS seems to finish but the computer won't open.
    Event log on server
    Restore of MY-PC D:\ by MY-PC has started. Event 263
    Restore of MY-PC D:\ by MY-PC preparation phase has completed. Event 264
    After 2 - 5 minutes
    Restore of MY-PC D:\ by MY-PC has failed. Event 266

    This only occurs on Pre PP3 backups. Backups after are fine but I need a file over a moth ago.
    I have done a Repair with no issues, seems fairly fast
    I try a cleanup and it fails after about 5%
    The backup of D: is 698GB
    I can open the backup of drive C: on any date even before PP3
    I can open backups of all other 8 computers.
    I have tried opening the backup on two computers Windows 7 32 bit and Windows Vista 64 Bit
    I have the latest connector installed.

    I am a bit nervous about having backups not restoring. Anything else to try?
    Should I delete all the backups as I don't want to have issues in the future.
    Should I reinstall as I have just had a file corrupt in a public folder with duplication on the server for the first time.


    Saturday, December 19, 2009 3:02 PM