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  • Contrary to the documentation in the  WinSAT XML schema, It appears that ad hoc assessments do not produce an actual score, or I am doing something wrong.
    I am using IInitiateWinSATAssessment::InitiateAssessment with cmdLine of "d3d -time 5 -NoDisp -xml .\\D3DAssessment.xml". This does produce an XML file with a D3DAssessment section. However it produces no WinSPR section which holds the scores.

    for a FORMAL assessment the XML has e.g.

    ...other scores 

    The comments in the XML Schema http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa969210(VS.85).aspx says "If the assessment is an ad hoc assessment for a subcomponent of the assessment, such as memory, then only the child element for the subcomponent being assessed will contain a nonzero value." However the XML generated by the above command line contains no text matching the pattern "score".

    I do get "WinSAT completed successfully" in the CWinSATCallbacks::WinSATComplete() callback.

    Also, I notice the XML for a formal assessment actually contains 3 D3dAssessment sections with AssessmentName= "Alpha", "Tex", and "ALU". The Adhoc assessment XML has only a single D3DAssessment section, unnamed. I'd guess that the formal assessment relies on these three specific sections using the associated shaders to generate a score, so I'm not sure how the single section for the ad hoc assessment would get scored.

    I've tried running the assesment via the C++ API as well as via command line in a command window with the same results. I tried the mem assessment via command line with similar results (i.e no actual score).

    Is there some way to actually get scores for ad hoc assessments, or is the documentation simply wrong?

    WinSAT & OS INfo...






    Version>V6.0 Build-6001</Version>



    ProductName>Windows Vista (TM) Enterprise</ProductName>



    OSName><![CDATA[Windows Vista™ Enterprise]]></OSName>




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