Illegal access to my computer making it almost impossible to use it myself. windows 7 i pasted the info down below from forum im having the same problem as other person RRS feed

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      I have been receiving many programs popping up on my recently used list, including a word document on connecting another computer to my network, a program called 3gppnetwork.org which explains how to gain access to my computer, a file called rasctrs.ini which is a microsoft driver name remoteaccess=symbolfile=rasctrnm.h, and another Microsoft file called switch.INF which contains logon scripts for connections from a remote computer. Also found was a wirless snap-in program which initilizes my wireless modem which I haven't done yet using factory default settings. One example script was init wirelessnic_2ndPC. I used to have Comcast as my ISP and I had very little access to my own computer. I would get popups that certain programs and files were in use by other computers. I do not share files or set up remote access to my computer at all. My finger print security program which I just downloaded has been overrided by another computer already and in paticuliar Microsoft itself. This is at very least a violation of my rights if this is being done by microsoft, but over a year and a half ago, my anti-virus program gave me the name of a neighbor. I have had to do many system reboots just to be able to access my own computer. Is this legal? Is this something I should deal with in court so that I can gain back the freedom to use my own computer over that of whoever is hacking in? Please respond as quickly as possible. Whenever I used to try to chat with my ISP, my computer would just crash and I am sure that is going to be beginning again shortly. Thank-you
    Thursday, July 29, 2010 12:44 PM

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  • there are dates and times of remote access points that i found times when i would not be on computer middle of the night and early in mornings 1am - 4am - 6 am when im sleeping normally

    /*++ BUILD Version: 0001    // Increment this if a change has global effects

    i also found this file

    Copyright (c) 1992  Microsoft Corporation

    Module Name:



        This file contains the English language counters and help text for
        Remote Access


        Russ Blake            24 Feb 93
        Thomas J. Dimitri            28 May 93

    Revision History

        Patrick Y. Ng               12 Aug 93
        Ram Cherala                 04 Nov 93   Added this header



    RASPORTOBJ_009_HELP=The RAS Object Type handles individual ports of the RAS device on your system.

    BYTESTX_009_NAME=Bytes Transmitted
    BYTESTX_009_HELP=The number of bytes transmitted total for this connection.
    BYTESRX_009_NAME=Bytes Received
    BYTESRX_009_HELP=The number of bytes received total for this connection.

    FRAMESTX_009_NAME=Frames Transmitted
    FRAMESTX_009_HELP=The number of data frames transmitted total for this connection.
    FRAMESRX_009_NAME=Frames Received
    FRAMESRX_009_HELP=The number of data frames received total for this connection.

    PERCENTTXC_009_NAME=Percent Compression Out
    PERCENTTXC_009_HELP=The compression ratio for bytes being transmitted.
    PERCENTRXC_009_NAME=Percent Compression In
    PERCENTRXC_009_HELP=The compression ratio for bytes being received.

    CRCERRORS_009_HELP=The total number of CRC Errors for this connection.  CRC Errors occur when the frame received contains erroneous data.
    TIMEOUTERRORS_009_NAME=Timeout Errors
    TIMEOUTERRORS_009_HELP=The total number of Timeout Errors for this connection.  Timeout Errors occur when an expected is not received in time.
    SERIALOVERRUNS_009_NAME=Serial Overrun Errors
    SERIALOVERRUNS_009_HELP=The total number of Serial Overrun Errors for this connection.  Serial Overrun Errors occur when the hardware cannot handle the rate at which data is received.
    ALIGNMENTERRORS_009_NAME=Alignment Errors
    ALIGNMENTERRORS_009_HELP=The total number of Alignment Errors for this connection.  Alignment Errors occur when a byte received is different from the byte expected.
    BUFFEROVERRUNS_009_NAME=Buffer Overrun Errors
    BUFFEROVERRUNS_009_HELP=The total number of Buffer Overrun Errors for this connection.  Buffer Overrun Errors when the software cannot handle the rate at which data is received.

    TOTALERRORS_009_NAME=Total Errors
    TOTALERRORS_009_HELP=The total number of CRC, Timeout, Serial Overrun, Alignment, and Buffer Overrun Errors for this connection.

    BYTESTXSEC_009_NAME=Bytes Transmitted/Sec
    BYTESTXSEC_009_HELP=The number of bytes transmitted per second.
    BYTESRXSEC_009_NAME=Bytes Received/Sec
    BYTESRXSEC_009_HELP=The number of bytes received per second.

    FRAMESTXSEC_009_NAME=Frames Transmitted/Sec
    FRAMESTXSEC_009_HELP=The number of frames transmitted per second.
    FRAMESRXSEC_009_NAME=Frames Received/Sec
    FRAMESRXSEC_009_HELP=The number of frames received per second.

    TOTALERRORSSEC_009_NAME=Total Errors/Sec
    TOTALERRORSSEC_009_HELP=The total number of CRC, Timeout, Serial Overrun, Alignment, and Buffer Overrun Errors per second.

    RASTOTALOBJ_009_HELP=The RAS Object Type handles all combined ports of the RAS device on your system.

    TOTALCONNECTIONS_009_NAME=Total Connections
    TOTALCONNECTIONS_009_HELP=The total number of Remote Access connections.

    Thursday, July 29, 2010 12:45 PM
  • I am having the exact same problem and have been ruined by this matter! It's a personal vendetta and I am sick of it! My identity has also been stolen because of this!
    • Proposed as answer by The victim911 Saturday, March 2, 2013 2:43 AM
    Saturday, March 2, 2013 2:39 AM
  • I bet we both live in the same city??! Hmm very interesting to know there are others out there!
    Saturday, March 2, 2013 2:44 AM