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  • Hi, I am now using WHS for over 6 months, I could restore some disks - no problem. There is, however, something I noticed and I am not sure how to handle. I use WHS twice or three times a week. It normally is turned off, when I plan to do backups, I switch it on before 1800 ( this is the backup strat time, end time is 2300) and everythign works like a charm ! Now sometimes I come late and start WHS say at 1900 and wait - nothing happens. On systme #1 I have installed win7 which normally boots and win xp. I can now restart system #1 with xp at say 2100 and when it boots it immediately says starting backup, which it successfully does. When I restart after that nachine after the backup with win7 nothing happens.
    My questions: Why does xp start the late backup immediatly after boot, why does win7 not. I also checked with another computer running vista, this also does not do late backups after reboot !!

    I would appreciate any educated guess ( besides start WHS before backup time)


    Sunday, February 28, 2010 9:48 PM


  • On system #1, I'm going to guess that you either have not installed the connector for Windows 7 at all, or you did install it but turned backups off because the XP installation was backing up the Windows 7 partition as well. Let us know which it is. :)

    In a multi-boot scenario, the best practice is to install the connector on only the operating system that you will use the most. If you install it on both, you will have two "clients" that are really the same computer.

    Regarding computers not backing up if the server isn't turned on at the start of the backup window: A Windows Home Server client computer chooses a random time in the first half of your backup window to begin it's backup. It chooses this time during a backup (I don't know when during the backup, exactly). If your server is off at the chosen time, but the client computer is on, it will obviously not be able to back up. In this case it will choose a new time and try again tomorrow. If the client computer is off at the chosen time, and you start it during the backup window, it detects that it should have backed up but hasn't yet done so, and starts a backup immediately. Does that help?
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
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