How to include my Journal to Microsoft Academic Research Database RRS feed

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  • Greeting.

    My name is Jay, one of Journal Administrator at FIAT JUSTISIA (http://jurnal.fh.unila.ac.id/index.php/fiat)

    I want to include the journal to Microsoft Academic Research Database, however I could not find any documentation to do it.

    By searching the title for one of our article, I can find it and the result is shown. However, I could not find the journal tittle in that result.

    Unlike the search result from another journal article, the journal title is present.

    And when I click that Journal Title I can go the Journal Profile.

    So, my question is, What should I do to make my journal have the Journal Detail Page?

    Do I have to make a profile (and posing as an author profile page) with the tittle of my journal as the profile name and claim the authorship of articles from the search result? because I know how to make author profile page, but not how to make journal profile page.

    Thank you in advance.

    ps : I want to include picture to better explain what I mean in this question, but The site would not allow me to do that until my account is verified, and I do not know how to verify my account just yet.

    Best Regars


    Friday, January 5, 2018 3:18 AM