Windows Live One Care Beta 32 Day gone Public Aniversary RRS feed

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  • No one one going to say it so I will, It's been 32 days now and very quiet beta with a few issues but hey it's a beta. On my 2 systems.

    The thing that stands out the most is managing 2 pcs from a hub and the other the remote big deal right ? It sure is if one of the computers is Vista as the Hub & XP as the remote, I think that's freakin Awesome cross platform of windows stuff.

    Also the new Print sharing is sweet too.


    In the past 32 days I've seen 3 virus attempts, I say Attempts because the Attempts did not get to far. Also recently a dreaded deniel of Service attack with the combined security measures wloc 2.0  firewall, windows vista & xp also my router. that attack was stopped colded and thanks to the detailed logging in wloc 2.0 I was able to track the punks responsiable down and turn them in to there isp who took Imediate action.


    And that's What I gotta say so far. 


    So What's your 32 or so days been like using Wloc 2.0 ?

    although there are some issues Overal I mean.  

    Saturday, August 11, 2007 8:55 PM