Adusting text sizes in Money and other things RRS feed

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  • This works for most things in Windows including Microsoft Money registers and Portfolio and many other things.

    In  windows search box, type DPI.
    Click on "Make text and other items look larger or smaller.
    To Choose Smaller, Medium, or Larger, or click "Set custom text size" on the left. A change requires a reboot to take effect.

    In windows search box, type cleartype.
    Click on "Adjust ClearType Text."
    Tick the box for "Turn on ClearType"
    Click Next, and carefully select which choice presented looks better.
    Continue until done.

    Redoing the ClearType selection is good to do if you change DPI or if you get a different monitor. I got motivated when I just got a bigger monitor.

    Related info:
    This only works for the web-page-like pages: In IE,
    View->TextSize->Largest. If you don't see the View choice, poke the Alt key momentarily to bring View into view.
    Wednesday, August 17, 2016 5:16 PM