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  • Tough thing to title. Trying to be as generic as possible. When I type "blahblah." in the ISE command window, I get a nice list of properties and methods. When I type "blahblah | get-member" I get a different list. I would like to get the nice list of properties into a string array which I can use to update these properties. Specifically, I want to identify relevant id tags from mp3, or wma files and clean them up. If you can answer that, it would be helpful but I am still thinking that I should be able to get the properties of an object within a script. Sorry if this isn't explained well but I am a retired software developer with some rust, trying to organize music collection.

     What I actually did:

    # include taglib
    $TagLib = "C:\taglib\taglib-sharp.dll"
    $LoadResult = [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile($TagLib)

    [Taglib.File]$TagFiles = $null
    $TagFile = [TagLib.File]::Create("existing.mp3")

    !the following two lines do work so I am on the right track

    $Tagfile.Tag.Artist = "XXX"


    $Tagfile.Tag.   !now I get a nice little helper window with dozens of properties

    $Tagfile.Tag | get-member !get a list of stuff not matching helper. Why?

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  • $Tagfile | Get-Member -MemberType Property | select -expand name


    Wednesday, September 26, 2018 7:16 PM