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    Its not the same anymore. Microsoft seems so foreign now, lost touch
    with its support process, breaking things up so much you don't know
    where to go for basic general Windows OS/kernel questions. With so
    much increased compatibilities issues now that MS is forcing
    2008/VISTA/7 and more quickly deprecating 2003 and even normal 2008
    for R2 64 bit only, its becoming a very expensive and resource
    intensive endeavor as as long time WIN32 product developers to support
    the Windows product line. Going 64 bit is big deal and I don't
    understand why 32 bit 2008 and at least 2003 is not in their forums
    listings or support plans. I jumped on board and upgraded my
    computers on my network the current versions, even moved to AD (what a
    freaking complex endeavor for small Windows shops), upgraded to
    VS2010, had a terrible time installing TFS and just all sorts of OS
    issues, especially with the new "GUI" with MMC which seems to be a DOG
    and aborts itself because it has to "wait to close MMC snap-ins."
    (popups when closing various MMC) and then I gave to auto update, and
    my god, there is an UPDATE every freaking minute. When does it all
    end? Where does it become stable, persistent and all these things are
    working together again?

    Maybe I'm missing the boat, but its not the same.


    Hector Santos, http://www.santronics.com
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    Sunday, February 27, 2011 4:43 AM