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  • I am trying to automate the testing for our CRM application using CodedUI and Specflow and here I am running into some issues.

    Issue 1: I am using ID and TagInstance property of the objects to identify the control but sometimes the properties of the objects are getting changed in subsequent runs and the object is not found and the test case fails. Could any of you suggest the best way to identify a control where the properties are getting changed dynamically.

    Issue 2: In some cases I get error saying "the control is not available or not valid" even though I can see the control present in the UI and when I debug the code and check for the properties they are same as specified in the code but still the control is not identified.

    Issue 3: Getting the test cases passed with consistency. Randomly some tests fails and the step at which it fails is different every time and the error is "the control is not available or not valid"

    Issue 4: Controls that are present in a dialog window takes a very long time to be identified, ant suggestions to improve the search time in this case.

    Thursday, March 23, 2017 4:01 PM