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  • I am an end user support person for my company and have little to no development experience.  I have developed forms on Word, but find they are very limited (i.e. if the document is protected as a form, spellcheck is disabled).


    I am required to create many fillable forms in which the protected areas cannot be unprotected by staff.  We have several branch offices across one city, so the people who are much more technical than I am have created macros allowing these forms to be accessible to all staff via additional menus in Word.


    I'm leaning towards trying Publisher (which I have never used) because I dig the way publications can be uniformly or similarly set up with graphics, etc.


    My question:  what's better for creating fillable forms - Word, Publisher, or something else?  And, as far as value for money goes, is Publisher worth its cost?



    Thursday, January 24, 2008 7:54 PM