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  • OK, here is my situation. I had Vista on my laptop, XP on my PC and when windows 7 home premium came out last year I bought three product keys and received one disc... I installed windows 7 0n one PC and LapTop... On my PC that had windows XP and upgraded to windows7 on it there was only a one black screen incident I found the solution on the Internet ( No thanks to Microsoft) I was told that it is common problem. it might be a virus and was told to reinstall windows 7. Once I reinstalled 7 it's been working fine with all the updates... Now on my Laptop after almost a year, I end up with a black screen after an update. So, I figured that I need to reinstall 7 like I did on my PC, figuring that everything would be OK, well it isn't. After activating windows successfully the second time and it excepted my key after the reinstall, now it's asking me to activate it again a second time. What's going on? It was activated successfully the first time. I've had widows since it installed from a floppy, I never had this happen before. After a year it tells me there is a problem! If there was a problem it shouldn't have activated in the first place... and when windows check for originality it said it was. Now it's not????????????????????????????????????? This isn't fare... if it was bad when I first installed it I could have done something about it, But now I think it's Microsoft's problem because microsoft approved it the first and second time. I bought the 3 Keys in good faith and Microsoft accepted the keys the day that windows 7 could be activated last year. What is upsetting is that Microsoft should have turned the keys off originally if they weren't good. Hopefully a representative from Microsoft answers this.
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