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  • Just a quick post to help others struggling with MS Money Backup File (MBF) restoration.  A friend recently had his hard drive fail in his desktop office PC.  He was running Win XP / Money 2000 Deluxe.  He has been keeping quarterly backups. 

    In order to keep working, he loaded his Money 2000 Deluxe onto his laptop and attempted to restore his latest backup.  The backup dialogue requested a password even though none had been assigned to the file.  Ditto for earlier backups.  He had been using a login password for Money 2000 on the old machine.  He entered that password to open the backup files, but it was not accepted by the Money 2000 program. 

    He ended up shipping me his old computer, his backup files, Money 2000 Deluxe CD.  I set up a new HD in the PC with a fresh install of Win XP.  I loaded Money 2000 Deluxe.  I encountered the same problem.  I unloaded Money 2000, installed Money Plus Sunset.  Same problem.  Uninstalled Sunset, Installed downloaded 2004.  Same problem. Uninstalled 2004.

    I finally found a solution.  I reinstalled Sunset.  I used his old login password from Money 2000 Deluxe as the login password for Money Plus Sunset.  I closed Sunset, then re-opened it.  It restored the backup without a hitch. 

    Hope this helps someone struggling with this issue.  I spent alot of time trying to get this sorted out.

    Sunday, January 4, 2015 3:30 PM