Who Owns the APK I create using Xamarin? RRS feed

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  • My assumption has been, as it's always been, that I, the developer (assuming I'm working alone) owns the code I write, again, assuming I'm not pirating someone else's code. I have always assumed this is true when I started working in C# many years ago. But recently I have had a heated discussion with someone (who's not a developer) about my Xamarin APK. I know that my C# code is converted and sent to Mono which is sent to the JRT on the Android device. But he showed me this:

    TTo me, this refers to the Microsoft binaries (like the VS binaries), not the output of the application, like my desktop exe or my Xamarin APK. 

    To me any other interpretation is weird and silly but....I'm not a lawyer.


    Sunday, May 19, 2019 11:05 PM