Is WGA procedure suppose to kick off beyond my schedule? RRS feed

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  • Ever since WGA was introduced I noticed a long period of 100% CPU utilization right before fetching new updates, due to a SYSTEM process named svchost.exe. I assume it is the WGA working hard validating my copy of Windows, and I was fine with it - as long as I only get that delay when I instruct my computer to get updates.

    However, recently I started to notice I am experiencing random period of 100% CPU usage by the same svchost.exe running as SYSTEM. But the problem that DRIVERS ME NUTS is that, I only have ONE single core SLOW CPU!! Whenever that svchost.exe kicks off, virtually EVERYTHING on my screen responds very poorly for at least a minute and a half. I tried to change the process priority of that process, even as system administrator, I got "access denied".

    If I happen to be watching TV, chances are that the TV program process gets starved and could not process data sent by the USB tuner in time, eventually it crashes without closing the tuner module properly, and I have to restart the computer in order to be able to watch TV again.

    My concern is that, even though my automatic Windows Update setting was set to 2:00AM everyday, should the WGA start randomly without my permission (like 3:12PM, 8:34PM)? Is it designed behavior of WGA or could it be my OS was infected with some kind of rootkit / Trojan / adware?

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006 9:13 PM


  • WGA Notifications only runs during login for 2-3 minutes at a maximum. WGA Validation only runs when at a web-site or a program kicks off that requires it (such as installing IE7).



    Thursday, November 16, 2006 3:02 AM