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  • Neeraj:

    I like the printer sharing feature, makes sharing a printer a breeze. I have never shared the printer over my WLAN before (not sure why), but this feature made is very simple to use.

    That said: I installed WLOC on 3 PCs. Only 1 PC has a printer attached, and it is also the hub computer, so I only want one printer to be shared. However, by default, WLOC installed all the printers defined on all the PCs, so we had about 15+ printers shared when all was done. YIKES!  It seems that WLOC made an entry for each PC defined, whether they were attached or not.

    I thought the dialog was confusing, as during configuration it asked if I wanted to share a printer. In each case, the answer was yes. But what the dialog was asking is do I want to "Share a printer attached to THIS PC". That answer is no. I want to share a printer, but that printer is attached to another PC. Anyway, I was confused, maybe it was just me.

    However, once I unchecked the 'share printer' WLOC backed out all the configuration, and the other printer entries were removed on each PC, so that was a great recovery!

    Overall, thumbs up...maybe a touch more handholding on configuration, and perhaps only share printers that are attached?
    Monday, August 6, 2007 1:23 PM

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  • Hi,

     Thanks for the great feedback. Our design, is to by default share a printer from the host machine. On the client machine we ask the user if he wants to add a connection to a certain printer and he has the ability to choose yes or no. We do not prompt to ask for sharing out a printer on the host machine as we treat that as a dormant thing. Unless someone is connected to it, nothing is noticeable.

      That said, there are two ways you can avoid sharing out a printer on the host machine. As you figured out, you could turn off autosharing by unchecking the checkbox. Another way is to go to windows printers UI and click on 'Stop Sharing' on the right click menu item with onecare logo on it.


    Hope that clarifies a bit. The only choice provided by design to the user is to choose to connect to a certain printer or not. If he answers no, we will not add that printer to that user on that client machine. However, note that the printer on the host machine continues to be shared for other users/machines to say 'yes' if they want to connect to it.




    Sr. Development Lead, Windows Live OneCare.


    Monday, September 24, 2007 12:44 PM