relationship between 2 custom entities and contact entity RRS feed

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  • Hello,
     I'm having a hard time trying to create entities and to link them with relationships.
    Could someone help me on a concreate case in hope I will be able in the future to deal with them alone?

    Here is the case:
    I have my contacts on one side. 

    On the other side, I have a 'data matrix' where you can find:
    - the X axis called 'market'
    - the Y axis called 'segment'

    It gives you a table where you put contacts into it depending on the market and segment they belong to, like this:

    market1 market2 market3 market4 etc.


    For example, a contact can belong to (market1-segment3) and also why not to (market4-segment3).

    CRM users should be able somehow to associate a market with a segment for contacts. I would like to avoid building simple dropdown lists.

    So, I have:
    - 1 default entity contact
    - 1 custom entity called 'market'
    - 1 custom entity called 'segment'

    Am I clear?

    I am totaly lost on a logical point and relationships are not clear for me.

    Also, this solution should be 'user-friendly', as dumb to use as myself :)

    In the future, it should allow to build advanced search, like 'find me all contact that are into this market/segment".

    Thank you!

    Monday, December 16, 2013 5:16 PM