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  • Hello All,


    Appreciate your help, I am new to Sync Services, we are looking at it as alternative to Merge Replication. But I have struggled to find Info on Deployment of Sync Services.

    I have sync services working fine in development environment in Visual Studio 2008 Compact Framework 3.5 sp1 using the WCF Service Host
    & Windows Mobile Emulator

    On compiling/deploying these to IIS, I cannot seem to get the synchronisation working between the Windows Mobile Client & the WCF Service hosted on IIS.

    To Deploy to the Windows Mobile device I Deployed the CAB file I built,
     the SQL Compact Framework v3.5, SQL Server Compact, and SyncServices CAB files
    I have my WCF Service Library DLL which has been compiled
    I have set up a service.svc file, and a web.config file and put them on the IIS Website


    I open the web site URL in IE it works fine and provides the standard 'NorthWindCacheSyncService Service'

    But on synchronising the PDA I get


    The inner exception to this is a WebException


    The URL for NorthwindCacheSyncService is set correctly in code.
    And on Synchronising it does seem to pick up the URL is a valid one

    I have turned tracing on in the web.config file on the server for the WCF Service
    However no information is written to this file when synchronising from a PDA

    Tracing information is written however on accessing the NorthWindCacheSyncService URL with Internet explorer.

    What am I missing in getting the deployed Web Service and the PDA Client Application to sync?
    Any advice on what I may need to do to get this working is appreciated.

    Good Examples/Walkthroughs of Deploying Sync Services (to IIS and the device client component) is appreciated.

    Good advice on how to debug further also appreciated.


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    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 3:43 AM


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  • I have solved my own issue. It was something pretty simple in the end.


    After opening Internet Explorer on the PDA device and heading to the http://[ServerName]/NorthWindCacheSyncService/Service.svc Web site. I could not access this from my PocketPC.

    However I could access the web address using the IPAddress rather than ServerName, i.e. http://[IPAddress]/NorthWindCacheSyncService/Service.svc 


    I changed the URL the Client Application on the PDA is using to use the IPAddress rather than machinename and now all fine.


    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 6:09 AM
  • I am Still getting targetinvocationexception after change the IP Address. can any one help me!

    Thanks In Advance.
    Tuesday, May 12, 2009 6:32 AM