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  • Move your cursor up and down 10 times very quickly over my name right above this sentence. Then try to keep reading this post. :)

    It seems like there's a fairly new feature on the forums that displays a panel of the user's points and details when you mouse over their name in the forum thread. Unfortunately I have a bit of a nervous habit of making fast circles with my mouse when I'm reading and so I mouse over a name maybe 10 times a second for a couple seconds. The page seems to cache all these mouseover events and executes them one by one.

    The effect of this is that, I'm reading a forum, fiddling with my mouse and the user panel comes up in front of the message and fades away, then comes back and fades away, then again, then again... The whole time I'm not moving my mouse at all. I have to reload the page to make the madness stop.

    I've even tested it and I can flip my mouse over all the visible names on the screen quickly a few times and the page turns into a kaleidascope of flashing colored boxes. Really annoying...

    I'd strongly suggest removing whatever it is that caches the mouseover events and just make them execute in real time.


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  • hahah I did that before reading the rest of your post Keith, and then I knew what you were referring to before I read the rest of it :)

    Moving this to the "Forums Issues" forum since its particularly about the forums

    Cheers, and have a good weekend.


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  • Interesting bug, likely not high enough of a pri to address very soon though. Thanks for reporting this though!
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    Friday, November 18, 2011 11:13 PM