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  • My question as follows;

    I'm going to develop Ticketing System. There's a lot of Ticket Counter as Client. This Ticketing System will be in 2 mode. Online and Offline.
    - If internet is OK, then the mode is ONLINE. As a result, the transaction will hit the Remote Database (Main Database) --- so, local database will DOWNLOAD the changes for syncronization
    - If internet is DOWN, then the mode is OFFLINE. As a result, the transaction will hit the Local Database (Ticket Counter Database) --- so, local database will UPLOAD the changes for synchronization
    My basic question as follow,
    1. It's possible my local database NOT a SQL Server Compact Edition? It'll be a SQL Server Standard Edition same as Remote Database.
    2. It's possible the data synchronization between local and remote database will do by Windows Service at Ticket Counter via Windows Services (local) consume WCF Service (remote)

    Need an advice.
    Saturday, January 2, 2010 4:14 AM


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