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    Hi Stephan, you seem to be taking the brunt of the hits on this upgrade, so here is what I had happen.


    I have 3 PC's on my network, One Vista (32bit) and 2 XP Pro (32bit) all using OneCare. Everything was working fine yesterday before the 2.0 push out. When I logged in this evening the 15th of January I see that all 3 of these PC's had rebooted.  (****another issue about windows update that I do not like****)

    OK, I will live with that for now.

    On my Vista PC ( primary PC ) the OneCare program could see my other two PC's and saw that they now had issues. I thought cool, and continued with going thru the interface. I went thru the Backup set up and kept everything as it had been before. I then REMOTED into the 2 Xp boxes with out an issue. Those 2 PC's save their back ups to a external HD off of the Vista PC, but now the XP boxes cannot see the Vista PC. In looking at the OneCare firewall settings I saw that my PC had now been listed as on a PUBLIC network. That seemed strange as this has NEVER been on a public netowrk before. As I looked at the settings I saw that the workgroup name was now NETWORK on the VIsta PC. Also a name I had never used in my network. I changed the VISTA box to my workgroup name that was still on my XP boxes, RShome. I had to change all the firewalls to make them in my "Home or Work" network. I now can see the 2 XP boxes using \\<pcname> and the Vista box can do the same in reverse.


    I should NOT have had to go thru the hour of making changes to the software to what it was BEFORE the upgrade. I understand security, I am a security consultant, so having to RE-MODIFY the existing system after the upgrade was not hard once I saw that all these items had changed.


    MSOC is a nice program other than that. Growing pains? Absolutely, but there should be a LOG file that is presented to the user that states what has been changed on the users PC during this upgrade. It should be the first thing that I was presented.



    Wednesday, January 16, 2008 9:24 AM

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  • Thanks for sharing your experience with the upgrade. I haven't seen OneCare change the workgroup name on upgrade, but that is something to watch out for, it seems. On upgrade, you would need to identify your network as "Home or Work" as it will default to Public on the XP boxes, but it should respect the setting from the Vista Network configuration that uses the same concept of network identification. However, since your network became unidentified on upgrade, you had to make that change there, too.

    The 2.0 upgrade was pretty major and I know that the concept was to walk you through "actions to take" once complete, but it appears that this wasn't as easy as it should have been. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.



    Wednesday, January 16, 2008 4:00 PM