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  • Hi everyone

    I looking for clarification on the Default language selection mechanism in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 when using Internet Explorer to access the system. 

    I understand that most of you are not leveraging Language Packs but I though maybe a Microsoft pro could sort my questions out.

    Here's the scenario.

    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Base Language: English:
    • Language Pack: French, Installed, Provisioned, Enabled, etc. 
    • A user access CRM through Internet Explorer and Outlook is out of the picture. 

    The question:

    How CRM determine the default language for that user?

    I've queried the database to find out that when a new user is created, the  UILanguageId column in the UserSettings view is set to 0. As soon as this user logs on to CRM, this columns is updated and set to the LCID corresponding to a language. Fine. 

    I've always assumed that users received the organization's base language as their default language, and they may update after. That does not seem to be the case because half of my users get 1033, the other half get 1036. 

    So, on what setting CRM determines the default language for its users?

    It's not Operating System Language... A user has English OS, and get French by default in CRM. 

    It's not Internet Explorer Language... A user has English IE, and get French by default in CRM. 

    Please help! 

    Thursday, November 3, 2011 9:09 PM