Fake MS Office 2010 Professional on eBay RRS feed

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  • In 2015 many people continue to use MS Office 2010 Professional.  Counterfeiters continue to advertise/sell fake copies on eBay claiming "new, unopened original packages".  Frustrated Customers, eBay and PayPal personnel expend hours trying to correct the fraud/theft.  A simple time saving solution could be for PayPal to "hold the customer's money for 7 days after product delivery for software products sold on eBay (the 7 days would allow the customer to determine if the product is authentic or counterfeit).  If authentic the seller gets his money.  If counterfeit, PayPal returns the selling price + shipping to the customer and eBay bands the seller.  The current eBay resolution process is time consuming.  The Counterfeiter gets the money and the customer gets frustrated losing confidence in using eBay.         
    Saturday, March 7, 2015 4:27 AM