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  • Recently I have been working on a system that will eliminate software piracy (not music or video piracy). The idea is very simple and gives software companies a new hope in winning the battle against software pirates.

    While doing research on current anti-piracy solutions, I have discovered that many of those solutions never achieve what they were supposed to achieve - which was to protect the software from theft. I'm aware that software companies are developing new solutions/ technologies to combat software piracy and there is more money being pumped into developing them. Also, the effort software companies put into protecting their software has increased and as a result, cannot produce rich quality products.

    Pirating not only affects software companies but also end users. If nobody paid for software, software companies won't be able to deliver rich quality software because they have no money and as a result, there wont be any software companies that produce software which are used in the education, science, business, research and social entertainment. The impact of piracy is an economic impact. With piracy, jobs are not created!

    Even though piracy is a form of stealing, its not the same as stealing something from a shop. Tackling software piracy shouldn't be approached the same way as shoplifting is. The approach to software piracy should be different - because the way the same crime is being committed is different.

    The idea I would like to present to software companies who intend to protect their software from theft is very basic. The system I have in mind involves no human interaction. It is a computerised system that protects every licensed software on any computer in the world without software activation or licensing. The way a software is protected (by the system I have designed) is different to the way Microsoft (or any other software company) activates its products. It involves no humans - which means that it is not about going after software pirates spending a lot of time trying to put them into jail.

    This might seem a very costly, hard to achieve and  take a long to get it working. That's not the case. If software companies (especially Microsoft) choose to agree to implement this solution, it can be done in a matter of few months. And when the system is ready, it will running up (rather than starting up) before it is implemented.

    The implementation of this system is very easy and will achieve what it aims to achieve - protect software!

    I'm finalising the system and adding new ideas to in constantly. I will post updates in this thread and will be on the look out for other ideas/comments.

    Please feel free to contact for ideas, input, output and comments.

    About me
    I'm a young student currently learning IT (who has strayed away from normal IT studies and onto IT problem solving) in London. I am somebody who finds IT interesting and that interest has led me to continue studying and discovering more interesting things. What interests me about IT is that simple solutions have produced many great benefits, for example TCP/IP. TCP/IP was built on simple ideas to tackle a problem and produced what we call "the internet". The internet is a great benefit.

    I have recently been working hard on finding the simplest way to stop software piracy and have managed to find it in the end.
    Saturday, March 8, 2008 6:26 AM

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  • hey - thanks to pointing to the post you made.

    I join you in your stand against software piracy.   It is hard to comment on your proposal as I don't see any details around what it is you are proposing!

    Please excuse me if I missed something - I'm not trying to be rude and appreciate your efforts!

    I invite you to share with all of us your discovery - it sounds like you are very excited!

    Monday, September 1, 2008 1:37 AM
  • A Hassan,

    May I suggest retaining the services of a patent attorney to protect your interests in your idea?

    Please DO NOT post any details of your idea or system until you have at least taken that step.

    Good Luck!


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    Wednesday, September 3, 2008 4:23 PM