Speech Server (not OCS) & OpenSer & Asterisk problems RRS feed

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  • I have seen few success deployments integrating asterisk and OCS but was anyone successful in resolving between asterisk and speech server.

    In most of the succesful installations, the basic openser script which translates udp to tcp and vice-versa helps. Speech server by default does a 302 moved temporarily. I believe OCS does not do it or the mediation server swallows and returns the correct path. The openser sends this 302 with the new port number of the applicaiton in the contact header as maddr. The asterisk then tries to connect to the new port using tcp which fails for the same reason we are doing the whole exercise.

    What are my options?

    a) Openser does not support maddr redirection. It does a little redirection yusing uac_redirect but maddr need some expertise and does not look to be straight forward?

    b) The other option was to hardcode the port of the application to something and call it directly. To worsen the problem, speech server does not start this application unless someone access this application first through OCS main port. Hence while restarting, the application should be started through ocs and then can be accessed. Since we are anticipating many parallel boxes, this is not really a viable option? Is there a way to confirm the start of each application. Even this approach will require some kind of mapping between port numbers and application names at openser point.

    Was anyone successful using speech server and asterisk? I do not intend to install OCS as we do not require any other funcationality than speech.
    Friday, July 11, 2008 1:03 PM