Money will no longer save a backup as a .mny file. The only option it gives me is to save as a .mbf RRS feed

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  • I looked through the forums but could not see this issue elsewhere.  I have used Microsoft Money for many years and have always had automatic backups set up and have never had any difficulty.   I noticed a few months ago that the backups were not happening and upon looking into it I can no longer save a backup file with a .mny extension even if I try to do it manually.  The only option that the program gives me is to save as an .mbf file.  I did this and tried to restore my backup on another computer but it said that it was a "read only file" and didn't have any data on it.  I have tried reinstalling the program but the same thing keeps happening.
    Thursday, September 19, 2019 11:10 PM

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  • Since at least Money 99, Money's backups have been *.mbf (money backup file) files.

    To save a *.mny file elsewhere or with a different name, use the Windows tools to copy the file.

    Note that when you write a backup or a Money file, make sure that the place you are trying to write to is writeable by the user. The best way to do this is to Browse to your Documents folder, and choose a name.

    I like to make my scheduled backup file go to a Flash drive. Before about Money 2007, Money had a problem doing that if there was more than 2 GB of free space on the drive.

    What version of Money are you using?

    Thursday, September 19, 2019 11:57 PM
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your help. The latest version I am using is the one downloaded from the Microsoft website called Money Sunset Deluxe.  Somewhere else I read something about the mbf files being tied into a program password.  For some reason I put a password in to my Money program and it is now backing up with both a mny and mbf files.  I tried restoring to another computer just to check it and it worked just fine.  Thank god because I was looking at other programs out there and there wasn't one that was even close!

    Friday, September 20, 2019 1:11 AM